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UEFA Champions League

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Which players have featured in the most finals?

  • Eugénie Le SommerUWCL10Games1Team
  • Wendie Renard UWCL10Games1Team
  • Sarah BouhaddiUWCL9Games1Team
  • Paco Gento UCL8Games1Team
  • Paolo Maldini UCL8Games1Team
  • Amandine Henry UWCL8Games1Team
  • Alfredo Di Stéfano UCL7Games1Team
  • Cristiano Ronaldo UCL6Games2Teams
  • Élodie Thomis UWCL6Games1Team
  • 8Ada Hegerberg UWCL6Games1Team

Which players have won the most titles?

  • 1Sarah Bouhaddi UWCL8Titles
  • 1Eugénie Le Sommer UWCL8Titles
  • 1Wendie Renard UWCL8Titles
  • 4Amel Majri UWCL7Titles
  • 5Paco Gento UCL6Titles
  • 5Delphine Cascarino UWCL6Titles
  • 5Ada Hegerberg UWCL6Titles
  • 5Amandine Henry UWCL6Titles
  • 9Cristiano Ronaldo UCL5Titles
  • 9Alessandro Costacurta UCL5Titles
  • 9Paolo Maldini UCL5Titles
  • 9Alfredo Di Stefano UCL5Titles
  • 9Hector Rial UCL5Titles
  • 9Marquitos UCL5Titles
  • 9Rafael Lesmes UCL5Titles
  • 9Enrique Mateos UCL5Titles
  • 9Jose Maria Zarraga UCL5Titles
  • 9Luka Modric UCL5Titles
  • 9Karim Benzema UCL5Titles
  • 9Toni Kroos UCL5Titles
  • 9Gareth Bale UCL5Titles
  • 9Dani Carvajal UCL5Titles
  • 9Isco UCL5Titles
  • 9Nacho UCL5Titles
  • 9Marcelo UCL5Titles
  • 9Casemiro UCL5Titles

Which players are the top goalscorers of all-time?

  • Cristiano Ronaldo UCL140Goals183澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • Lionel Messi UCL129Goals163澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • Robert Lewandowski UCL91Goals111澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • Karim Benzema UCL90Goals152澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • 5Raúl UCL71Goals142澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • Ruud van Nistelrooy UCL60Goals73澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • Ada Hegerberg UWCL59Goals60澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • Thomas Müller UCL53Goals142澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • Anja Mittag UWCL51Goals74澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • 10Thierry Henry UCL50Goals112澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • 11Conny Pohlers UWCL48Goals45澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • 11Andríy Shevchenko UCL48Goals100澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • 11Zlatan Ibrahimovic UCL48Goals124澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • 14Eugénie Le Sommer UWCL47Goals87澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • 15Marta UWCL46Goals56澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • 15Alfredo Di Stefano UCL46Goals58澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • 17Filippo Inzaghi UCL46Goals81澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • 18Neymar UCL44Goals82澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • 18Didier Drogba UCL44Goals92澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • 20Camille Abily UWCL43Goals81澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played
  • 21Lotta Schelin UWCL42Goals54澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 澳洲10官网 Played

Which players have scored the most final goals?

  • 1Conny Pohlers UWCL8Goals8Finals
  • 2Alfredo Di Stéfano UCL7Goals7Finals
  • 2Ferenc Puskás UCL7Goals3Finals
  • 4Marta UWCL6Goals7Finals
  • 4Ada Hegerberg UWCL6Goals5Finals
  • 6Cristiano Ronaldo UCL4Goals6Finals
  • 7Gareth Bale UCL3Goals4Finals
  • 7Eusébio UCL3Goals2Finals
  • 7Inka Grings UWCL3Goals2Finals
  • 7Eugénie Le Sommer UWCL3Goals10Finals
  • 7Laura Österberg Kalmari UWCL3Goals6Finals
  • 7Hanna Ljungberg UWCL3Goals6Finals
  • 7Martina Müller UWCL3Goals2Finals
  • 7Frida Östberg UWCL3Goals8Finals
  • 7Sandro Mazzola UCL3Goals4Finals
  • 7Gerd Müller UCL3Goals3Finals
  • 7Pierino Prati UCL3Goals1Final
  • 7Héctor Rial UCL3Goals4Finals

Which teams have featured in the most finals?

  • Real Madrid UCL17Games14Wins
  • AC Milan UCL11Games7Wins
  • Bayern Munich UCL11Games6Wins
  • 4Lyon UWCL10Games8Wins
  • Liverpool UCL10Games6Wins
  • Juventus UCL9Games2Wins
  • Barcelona UCL8Games5Wins
  • Benfica UCL7Games2Wins
  • FFC Frankfurt UWCL6Games4Wins
  • Ajax UCL6Games4Wins
  • 9Wolfsburg UWCL6Games2Wins
  • 9Inter UCL6Games3Wins
  • 13Umea UWCL5Games2Wins
  • 13Manchester United UCL5Games3Wins
  • 15Turbine Potsdam UWCL4Games2Wins
  • 15Barcelona UWCL4Games2Wins
  • 17Chelsea UCL3Games2Wins
  • 17Atletico Madrid UCL3Games0Wins
  • 19Paris Saint-Germain UWCL2Games0Wins
  • 19Porto UCL2Games2Wins
  • 19Nottingham Forest UCL2Games2Wins
  • 19Celtic UCL2Games1Win
  • 19Hamburg UCL2Games1Win
  • 19FCSB UCL2Games1Win
  • 19Marseille UCL2Games1Win
  • 19Borussia Dortmund UCL2Games1Win
  • 19Reims UCL2Games0Wins
  • 19Valencia UCL2Games0Wins

Which teams have won the most titles?

  • Real Madrid UCL14Titles
  • Lyon UWCL8Titles
  • AC Milan UCL7Titles
  • Bayern Munich UCL6Titles
  • Liverpool UCL6Titles
  • Barcelona UCL5Titles
  • Frankfurt UWCL4Titles
  • Ajax UCL4Titles
  • Inter UCL3Titles
  • Manchester United UCL3Titles
  • 11Umea UWCL2Titles
  • 11Wolfsburg UWCL2Titles
  • 11Turbine Potsdam UWCL2Titles
  • 11Juventus UCL2Titles
  • 11Benfica UCL2Titles
  • 11Chelsea UCL2Titles
  • 11Nottingham Forest UCL2Titles
  • 11Porto UCL2Titles
  • 11Barcelona UWCL2Titles
  • 20Arsenal UWCL1Title
  • 20Duisburg UWCL1Title
  • 20Borussia Dortmund UCL1Title
  • 20Feyenoord UCL1Title
  • 20Marseille UCL1Title
  • 20Aston Villa UCL1Title
  • 20Hamburg UCL1Title
  • 20Red Star Belgrade UCL1Title
  • 20FCSB UCL1Title
  • 20PSV UCL1Title
  • 20Celtic UCL1Title

Which teams are the top goalscorers of all-time?

  • Real Madrid UCL1047Goals53Seasons
  • Bayern Munich UCL804Goals39Seasons
  • Barcelona UCL667Goals33Seasons
  • Manchester United UCL533Goals30Seasons
  • Juventus UCL479Goals37Seasons
  • Benfica UCL472Goals42Seasons
  • Liverpool UCL470Goals27Seasons
  • Lyon UWCL452Goals14Seasons
  • AC Milan UCL435Goals30Seasons
  • 10Ajax UCL396Goals39Seasons
  • 11Porto UCL395Goals37Seasons
  • 12Dynamo Kyiv UCL346Goals38Seasons
  • 13Chelsea UCL340Goals19Seasons
  • 14Celtic UCL334Goals37Seasons
  • 15Arsenal UCL333Goals21Seasons
  • 16Arsenal UWCL295Goals13Seasons
  • 17Inter UCL290Goals24Seasons
  • 18Borussia Dortmund UCL287Goals21Seasons
  • 19Anderlecht UCL284Goals34Seasons
  • 20Paris Saint-Germain UCL283Goals16Seasons
  • 21Red Star Belgrade UCL278Goals27Seasons
  • 22Wolfsburg UWCL273Goals9Seasons
  • 23PSV UCL249Goals29Seasons
  • 24Rangers UCL242Goals32Seasons
  • 25Turbine Potsdam UWCL236Goals6Seasons
  • 26Frankfurt UWCL233Goals10Seasons

Which teams have scored the most final goals?

  • Real Madrid UCL43Goals17Finals
  • AC Milan UCL22Goals11Finals
  • Lyon UWCL19Goals10Finals
  • Umea UWCL18Goals5Finals
  • Frankfurt UWCL15Goals6Finals
  • Bayern Munich UCL15Goals11Finals
  • Barcelona UCL13Goals8Finals
  • Liverpool UCL13Goals10Finals
  • Benfica UCL10Goals7Finals
  • 9Wolfsburg UWCL10Goals6Finals
  • 11Barcelona UWCL9Goals4Finals
  • 12Turbine Potsdam UWCL7Goals4Finals
  • 12Duisburg UWCL7Goals1Final
  • 12Inter UCL7Goals6Finals
  • 12Ajax UCL7Goals6Finals
  • 16Juventus UCL5Goals9Finals
  • 16Porto UCL5Goals2Finals
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